Ncstar Red Laser Sight With Universal Tri-Rail Barrel Mount

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Replica air gun offer you this Ncstar red laser sight that comes with a universal tri-rail barrel mount highly compatible with most standard rifle barrel diameters. Battery powered, it is as easy to install and to use. Turn it on and off with a simple flip switch and also adjust its setting to modify your elevation and windage. This accessory is a great addition to your weapon with its modern look and high performance to always keep you in track of your targets.


  • Tri-Rail Universal Barrel Mount will fit most Standard Rifle Barrel diameters
  • Aluminum & Plastic Construction
  • Side to Side Toggle On/Off Switch
  • Uses 2 each AG13 button cell batteries (Included)
  • Fully Adjustable for Windage & Elevation
  • Includes mounting tools


  • Manufacturer: Ncstar
  • Materials: Aluminum & plastic construction
  • Code: ATRLS
  • Weight: 2.8oz
  • Length: 2.7 inch
  • Width: 2.0 inch
  • Depth: 1.5 inch
  • Color: Black
  • Beam Color: Red
  • Red Laser: Freq. 635-655nm, Class IIIa Laser
  • Maximum Output: <5mw

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Umarex XBG and TDP 45 CO2 BB Pistol Table Top Review

Umarex XBG and TDP 45 CO2 BB Pistol Table Top Review

(849 raters) 169836 views - 9/21/2013 5:14:34 AM - Umarex XBG and TDP 45 CO2 BB Pistol Table Top Review.

-12 gram CO2
-4.5mm Steel BB's
-Semi auto, Double Action Only
-19 Round Stick Magazine
-410 FPS
-Plastic Outer Construction
-Reviewed by:

This video is a walkthrough review of the Umarex XBG and TDP 45 Non-blowback CO2 BB Pistols. I show off these airgun close up from all angles and point out the mostly plastic external construction and go through the features and benefits of these low cost but very rewarding BB pistols. There is no actual shooting or testing for these pistols but I will be doing a follow up Filed Test Shooting Review shortly!

Personally I prefer spending a few more bucks to get air pistols that have more metal and more working parts, but not everyone has 100+ dollars to spend on an airgun or do they need it to be ultra realistic. Some people just want a gun that is easy on the wallet but still offers decent performance and reliability, and to be honest, a simpler design with less moving parts to wear out or malfunction is probably going to give you better reliability at the end of the day. It just depends what you are looking for. Even if you have a few ultra realistic high end airguns, why not pick eitther the XBG or TDP 45 budged minded Umarex models for day to day plinking and put less wear and tear on your more expensive collector pieces ;)

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